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Good afternoon, my company just purchased an old ware house there was an  old fireproof safe Diebold brand. IT IS OPENED, I have model & serial number. it is a dial combination NO ONE has any idea of correct combination. the back panel I removed 14 screws around entire door. there are two phillps screws holding on brass plate cover. Once removed, there are two large screws on right Top & Bottom, two smaller screws on left top and bottom. It has a brass slide plate that retracts to open door. I would describe the mechanism as blades. CAN you assist in how to reset?

This sounds like a Diebold 3 wheel combinations lock. Can you post any pics?

Diebold has been is business for over 150 years and made a number of locks.

The process for servicing and resetting a combination lock has a number of critical steps and assumes basic knowledge of how safes work.

The problem is, if you do it wrong you have a locked up safe that will cost money to open without destroying it.

You can check SAVTA.org or ALOA.org for safe techs and locksmiths in your area.

Send me your city/state. I may know someone there that is qualified.



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