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Locksmithing/Allied Gary safe HR-3028/ETD opening instructions


My wife is a MIT at a chain store. The manager training her is belittling her because she cant open the Allied-Gary HR3028 /ETD in store safe. She will try for fifteen minutes before successfully opening the safe. Can you tell me what the correct opening sequence is for this safe? Apparently you have to push in on the dial at 0, and it has a key?

She is probably being trained wrong.

The lock is probably a Sargent & Greenleaf 8500 series combination lock.

I'm assuming that the key lock is separate from the combination lock.

There are a lot of misconceptions about dialing this lock. From starting at a certain number, "clearing" the lock by rapidly moving the dial back and forth, to treating it like a high school combination lock.

First, you can start anywhwere you want as long as you go to the first number 4 times. Notice I did not say anything about "passing" a certain number.

You must accurately land on the number. You cannot go past it and turn the dial back.

If the combination were 50-25-50 it would be dialed like this:

4 times left (counter clockwise) to 50

3 times right to 25. Notice that when going right, 25 will come up rather quickly. This counts as one time.

2 times left to 50. Again, the first time you get to fifty wiil only be a few numbers from where you started.

1 time right to zero. Stop. Push the dial in and release it. Then continue turning right until the dial comes to a stop. This will ensure the combination lock is fully retracted.

Then turn the keylock.

Then turn the safe handle.

It should be open.

Hope this helps. There may be videos of this lock. It would be an 8550,or 8560.

Hope this helps.

Dan Terrigno
American Safe & Vault Service.
Cleveland, OH


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