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QUESTION: I just got a canon gun safe and can not open by the digital lock. I am able to open manually by the combination. I was wondering if there is a default setting that I can use to reset when the safe has been manually open end. Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi Richard,

I assume that you are inferring that "EMP" is for "Electro-Magnetic Pulse".   Please note that while several lock manufacturers are advertising their locks as "EMP proof", no lock has EVER been tested, as to its capabilities in such an event.   This is simply "preper hype"!   

What a couple lock manufacturer's HAVE done, is to pair two different lock ideas into a single unit to present a true "dual or redundant" lock.    Providing both the ease of use of a digital lock, with the reliability of a mechanical lock.    You are MUCH more likely to experience a failed electronic lock function, than you are to experience an EMP event - and "IF" you did, you are probably going to have a LOT more pressing issues to worry about than whether or not your lock works.

Okay, so back to the issue at hand - First you haven't given me a whole lot to work with as you haven't indicated WHAT lock you are dealing with, though I would suspect that it is possibly a Securam SafeLogic Xtreme, or a "Dual-Access" redundant lock .
Second you haven't given me any info on "WHAT" the problem actually is.    Saying that "you can not open the safe using the digital lock" leaves a lot of room for various problems.    For instance you don't have any fingers and can't press the buttons???   There is no power to the lock???   The lock appears to work correctly but won't unlock???   You don't have a code for the lock???

Sorry, but my wife broke my crystal ball about the same time she killed my money tree, so you need to be a bit more specific in the problem.

In general - if you have LOST your code, most digital locks cannot be reset, though some can.   It really depends on what lock you are dealing with.    There is no such thing as a "Default Setting" for the lock to revert back to or for YOU to use to reset it if you lose it.   "IF" the lock can be reset, you are going to have to go through a trained safe technician to reset the circuit board, and/or the lock may have to be replaced - again, it really depends on the lock that you have.

"IF" the digital lock is simply NOT working, then it will need to be replaced.    Electronics either work or they don't work - there isn't anything in between.    If you are using a digital lock that has intermittent operation and you DON'T get it replaced, YOU are simply looking to be locked out.

The good news is that by having the redundant lock, you aren't locked out of the safe.   As long as you have access to the lock itself, and (again), it will depend on the lock that you have, the safe tech can try to recover or reset the lock.

You might try contacting Cannon Safes at:   800-222-1055   to discuss your safe and the lock installed on it.   If they can't help you over the phone, then it will require hands on by a trained safe technician.

Hope this helps, but as you can see, I can't help you without more info about the lock and the problem YOU are actually experiencing.    My first recommendation would be for you to contact Cannon.   If the safe or lock is under warranty, they are always going to be your first step.

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Canon emp lock
Canon emp lock  
QUESTION: I will call canon after the weekend. I could care less about an emp blast and wish you would not have focused so much on that. I apologize if I was not specific enough but the name of the locking mechanism per manufacturer is the canon emp locking system and yes it is a dual locking mechanism.  I tried my code with the fingers I was born with and I am unable to access the safe by way of pin code. I am able to access by combination (dial) lock. What I am looking for is whether there is a way to reset the digital code when I access the safe through the combination lock. There is power to the lock and I believe it working correctly, however, I only utilize a few codes and they have not worked--so I can not be certain it is working properly.  Thank you.

Sorry Richard,

My apologizes, but my job (as I see it) is to provide as complete information as I can - regardless of what you are looking for, so that you can have ALL of the info that you need to figure out what your next step is, and/or if that is the right item for you.    you also have to realize that I'm not just answering YOUR question, as this site is regularly read by hundreds of other potential safe owners.    Having complete info applies to them as much as to your question.

1.  Have you changed batteries since the problem began???   And did you test the old (and new) batteries with a multimeter to ensure that they are charged.    Just because they are new in the pack does not ensure that they are fully charged.    There may be enough power to operate the electronic portion but not the mechanical portion.
2.  Did you recently change the code???   If so, it is VERY easy to change a code and then come back a day or two later to find it not working.   If it was changed correctly, then chances are "mentally" somewhere you have changed a number.   You would be surprised at how many times someone will give me their "KNOWN" combination, and yet when we open the lock we find the numbers were NOT what they remembered.    Locks don't change numbers on their own, and with the exception of really cheap electronic locks, they don't lose their memory.

As to resetting the Dual Access lock, I'll have to check some of my notes at my shop tomorrow.  However, I don't recall being able to reset this particular lock if the code is lost.  
If you haven't recently changed the code, then my first suspect is going to be low power or bad batteries - again, if you don't put a meter on it to verify what the actual power is, then you can't tell if it is low.   Just because you have power does NOT mean that you have sufficient power.
Digital locks can easily start giving you problems at 8vdc, though I have seen some work as low as 7vdc.    Fresh batteries should be in the 9.3-9.5vdc range, and make sure that they are good quality ALKALINE only, batteries.    For some reason digital locks do not like rechargeable, Lithium, etc. batteries.

Again, I apologize and hope you understand why I answer questions the way that I do.   Without proper information "I" can't answer you, and you can't make decisions.  


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