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Our two glass doors on our office building are very hard to open.
They have push "paddle" plates on the inside, and you have to push with all your might to get the door to open.  I have found that by pulling in on the bar that goes across the door, and push the paddle plate at the same time, will help to open the door much easier.
I had a locksmith here, and he sprayed something like WD-40 on the locks and they opened much easier. (But the spray was clear).
Can you please tell me what the spray might have been that he used, and how we can fix this problem once and for all?

Hello. They used a silicone spray. The hole or strike-this is the part that keeps the door latched closed needs to be adjusted out alittle to allow for door play. Sometimes you can adjust the door centering so the door has full contact inwards on the door stop. That is done on the top of the door near the rear. A glass company can do it if your locksmith can't. Send me your email to   ibdrloc@yahoo.com   and I will send you a pic of this adjustment. thank you, Lock Bob


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