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andyepst wrote at 2013-11-27 11:21:04
I have the same problems. All my return springs have broken in all my jado mortise locks after 20 years of use. I actually welded a broken spring and then misplaced the lock after re assembling it. Now I need an entire lock and cant find one. I also worked with some spring steel and fashioned up another spring that worked so so. Now that I have answers to the spring issue, now I need a lock. andyepst@aol.com

jamie wrote at 2016-04-01 22:44:07
Any new info? I am having the same issue with a jado lock set. It is like the handle levers are to heavy and the return spring tip on the flat spring is gone i dont even know where it should go. my back set is around 2" maybe a hair more and the centers are 3" give or take. i cant seem to find a replacement.


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