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Locksmithing/Rekeying Fees for Safe Deposit Box


Sam wrote at 2007-11-19 04:08:03
I wonder if the price quoted Cynthia is for a box forcing due to both customer keys being lost and not duplicating just one lost key. I force (drill) many S.D. box locks and my customer (the bank) normally charges its customer (people like Cynthia) $100 to $150 for this procedure. This charge is not out of line when you consider the locksmiths charges to the bank. Travel to the bank, the time spent opening the lock, replacing/repairing the lock, and the price of the new lock if one is used. The bank usually charges its customers $10 to $15 to have a key duplicated if the customer loses one of their two keys. I duplicate keys on site at the bank. The bank loses money on this deal because my charges greatly exceed this. They usually try to have me do many at once by having the customers who have lost one of their two keys all come at a set time. Either way, drill because of two lost keys or duplicate one lost key, the bank does not make any money when you consider the charges and extra paperwork on their part. Banks have S.D. boxes as a courtesy to customers and not as a money making service.

exasperated wrote at 2014-03-29 04:02:42
I have had an issue for over 2 years with having my medication stolen.   It is expensive medication and yes I have bought every home safe I can afford. Some now they still manage to get in.  Does anyone have any advice for me?  Do you think putting my much needed meds in a safe deposit box is a good idea?  I open to all ideas!!!!!!  


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