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Dear Sir,
       I am a btech graduate in electronics.Now i am looking for a career in logistics.can you please tell me which field in logistics is most demanding and the best to work with.Which is the best institute to do a course in logistics

Dear Remya

Welcome to the world of logistics.

Career opportunities in logistics are equally available on both the sides 1. Service providers such as Barloworld Logistics and 2. The end-users of supply chains

Organisations such as Unilever, P&G, Sony, Samsung, LG, Canon, Phillips also have in-house logistics divisions. You need to decide further if you would like to join a service proivder or the end-users.

The background education alway helps. As you have completed graduation in electronics, joining a logistics department of a large electronics brand would be good to start.

In this age, almost every job is demanding and all facets of logistics are more demanding than ever before with market conditions being volatile. Each activity in logistics is important as it forms of part of greater supply chain.

Activities under logistics range from sophisticated planning to a routine coordination and execution. In my view, while planning a career one should consider both ability and interest.

Demand planning, inventory management, transport management, warehouse management, freight management, Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Software solution, Project Logsitics are some of the areas that you may choose to specialise and explore opportunities for future career.

I have listed few UAE Universities below that offer courses/ modules in logistics (not rated as I don't have the data available handy)

University of Wollongong in Dubai #UOWD)
Middlesex University
Manipal University
SP Jain University
University of Dubai
Amity University Dubai
The St-Petersburg State University

Apart from above Universities, NAFL, Dubai Logistics Group, Zabeel Institute also offers short term courses in logistics.

Hope you will find above information useful.
In case you need further information, please feel free to write back to me.

Best wishes of the seasons.

Sanjay More

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