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QUESTION: Case Study Project :- If You are a Logistic Manager,how will You ensure that materials move  into your organization from suppliers,through the operationswithin the organization and then out to customers (take any raw material  as an example).

ANSWER: Dear Hussain

Thank you for your question.

Your question is very broad in nature so answer is likely to be broad.

Take into consideration following points
0. Understand your demand patterns for each product, which will help you to decide inventory and re-order levels.
1. Origin /s  of goods / suppliers
2. Number of product/s if they are not all from one supplier then categorise them by supplier
3. Number of storage locations/ if not one.
4. Distance (this will help you to determine the mode of transport), Air / Sea or Land
5. Type of goods (this also impacts your freight forwarding and storage). Especially if you are dealing in perishable items.
6. On customers side, processes would differ based on order size, transport mode, distance, nature of goods.
7. Its very important understand customers requirements and his demand patterns. All this goes back in planning your inventory and transportation requirement.
8. For example your distribution model would be very different based on whether your customers are wholesalers, retails, or direct customers or online selling.

There is no right or wrong answer because Logistics requirement for each organisation are different and they require customisation.

I would suggest consult a local logistics service provider.

Best regards
Sanjay More

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Sanjay - Please provide the complete answer - Your help will be highly appreciated - thanks a ton

Dear Hussain

Considering the broad nature of question, the answer is complete.

In case you need further information on specific topics then you need to mention details.
You haven't mentioned any details or scenario.

If I were a logistics manager, I would have all the details in order plan my supply chain.

One needs to map processes first, decide KPIs and measure them.

Without any details or scenario it would be difficult to answer this question further.

If you are representing a company then clearly you need a local logistics consultant.
If you are a student then you need to frame scenario in order to get further details.
Information mentioned in my previous answers should help you in framing the scenario.

Hope this helps.

Best regards
Sanjay More

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