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The supplier we have a contract with to provide supply chain management  services manages and manufactures our material handles all aspects of supply chain activity end to end. They have a POA with the freight forwarder/customs broker. In trying to obtain ocean container, vessel voyage # info etc. we are being told that do to the signed POA with the freight forwarder/customs broker they can not provide the info requested i.e. pre-alert data. The vendor then has the container delivered, receives an invoice from the FF with transportation and customs charges then re-invoices us for the same amount. As we are directly or indirectly party to the transaction if we issue a POA to our supply chain mgmt vendor are they then able to provide us with the requested container/vessel info? If not what other options do we have to request the required info?

Dear Mario

There are certain information that a contracted service provider will not provide to a party other than their client, in this case your supplier. You may try asking your supplier for the container and vessel information as you are their customer, this is basic information they may be able to provide to you.  It all depends on the type of transaction entered into, ex works, CIF, DAP etc? Looks as though your supplier is responsible for arranging delivery. If you would like to arrange movement of your cargo, you can certainly choose your own service providers who will report to you. You should only do so if you are comfortable with the risks involved.  

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