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I am reviewing from school the main control systems for logistics (EDI, VMI, CRP, ERP, ECR, CPFR). There are a couple of requests to obtain its characteristics and history for logistics, but there is no main issue with this information.

However, there is an optional request as to what is the price for each one of these... and that's my doubt, since I know that implies a wide range of answers depending on variables like the company size and the level of control that is required, the extra modules contained in each type of control, and some other considerations I might not have in mind. Besides, my practical experience in the logistics field is very limited.

So, if I took as a reference a standard company with basic needs on their chain control, could you give me a rough idea of ​​how much they would spend in each of these systems separately?

Hi Angel - Some of those modules that you mention are beyond the usual scope of supply chain. ERP for instance is a not usually included. Implementations to implement and homogenize ERP systems across fortune 500 companies can cost billions. Huge implementations are hardly ever beneficial to the company when looking at an NPV monetary analysis. Oftentimes however, the implementations must be done in order for the company to stay competitive.

Supply Chain software will usually cost less than the ERP software. The cost of the software will vary from tens of thousands to several million, depending on the provider, the modules, the level of integration, the licensing options and the level of support. Implementation costs also vary widely from a few hundred thousand to the tens of millions.

You will need to flesh out your Company X in order to find a ballpark cost estimate. What is the business case? Are they starting from nothing? Do they need to replace existing modules with new ones? What does their supply network look like? What kind of qty's move throughout their network? Do the products have special considerations, like environmental control? Do they contain hazardous materials? How are the logistics handled? What is the logistical situation for any international export/import? If you can send me a more fleshed out company and I will do my best to provide rough costs for each module.

To get a better idea of how this information is relevant, I would recommend that you read as many case studies as you have time for. Some case studies can be found via Google, like this Nike one:

Other case studies can be obtained by contacting software providers like SAP, Oracle, i2 and Logility. You can also contact consulting firms like IBM and D&T, Plan4Demand, and Oliver Wight and ask for any case studies that they may have available.

Again, if you can give more information about the company and the business case, I can provide much more information.


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