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QUESTION: Dear Mr. Sanjay,

My name is Nitin.R.Rathod ( Only) working as export - coordinator with Trading co. from last 2 yrs, i want to further upgrade my self in this field.

kindly advice me short term logistics courses.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Nitin R Rathod.

ANSWER: Dear Nitin

Thanks for your question.

As you have not mentioned the location, I assume you are writing from India.

There are course from 3 days to 3 years depending on what you are looking for.

I am sharing few links and resources which you will have to explore further.


FFFAI is national body for Freight Forwarders in India and a member of FIATA, which is an international body for the freight forwarders. All National bodies such as FFFAI run courses authorised by FIATA. Its worth considering.

       311 - 313, 3 rd Floor,
       Mahinder Chambers,
       Opp. Dukes Factory,
       W.T. Patil Marg, Chembur,
       Mumbai 400 071
TEL   :   0091-22-6710 7495 / 67107496
TELFAX   :  67107500
EMAIL   : /


Courses offered by Chartered Institute of Logistics India.


Courses offered by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and their wing of Logistics
CII offers 5 day short course in Logistics


Courses offered by popular management schools such as IIM Ahd, IIM Bangalore, S.P. Jain

In the Freight & Logistics sector operational knowledge always helps. Freight and Logistics is being complex by nature, people grow lot more on the job training. I would personally treat Freight Forwarding, 3PL and supply chain management in a hierarchical manner. Freight Forwarding involves lot of coordination with wide geographical and commercial knowledge. 3PL  (or third party logistics involves warehousing, transportation, inventory whereas Supply Chain Management encompasses all and level goes to senior management and strategic.

There are N number of opportunities in each sub category to specialise or generalise such Air Freight, Sea Freight, Project cargo, Warehousing, Transportation, Cold Chain specialist, Inventory Optimisation, Demand Planner, Network Modelling and Optimisation and so on.

As you have worked two years in this industry, I am sure you must have an inclination towards a sub category.

I hope based on time, budget, qualification requirements, location you will be able to choose the right course. All the best.

Sanjay R.M.

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QUESTION: Dear Mr.Sanjay sir,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Sorry for not sharing my current location.

Currently am working with Trading co.located in bur dubai (UAE).as a Import-Export Co-dinator,which involves preparing export documents like applying online chambers and clearing all import shipments from our thailand factory, i want to grow my self more in this field.

advice courses of approx 6 months.

pls advice dubai goverment affiliated institutions which offers same courses,
as above.

Dear Nitin

There is organisation in Dubai called NAFL. This is the Freight Forwarding association of UAE.
Details as below. Get it touch with Ms. Karen, I am sure she will guide you through the course schedule. NAFL offers courses recommended by FIATA, which are global courses with local touch so they are worldwide acceptable.

Apart from NAFL short course are offered by Dubai Logistics group.
Certificate courses on Dangerous goods are offered by Dnata.(This is affiliated to Customs department of Dubai government)

Universities such as Wollongong, SP Jain, IIM (Dubai campus also offer Logistics courses but you need check their duration)

If you would like to grow more on Air Freight or Air Crew side then there is Emirates Aviation college in Rashidiya (towards airport), please check the course details and durations from their website. This is affiliated to Emirates group and well respected the industry.

I would suggest look for a quality education rather than affiliation. Dubai has grown because of quality and it constantly aspires to improve existing quality. An affiliation is a by-product of quality.

Hope this helps.

Sanjay R.M.

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