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Dear Mr. Persaud,

A mark with a feature allowing incontrovertible and instant authentication can enable a supply chain professional or a consumer to prevent movement or sale of counterfeits even in the least regulated supply chains or in the most dangerous channels of distribution.
The lack of such feature in currently used marks deny incontrovertible and instant authentication.
A minted mark with an engraved unique ID that can be associated by the barcode system to the product to which the mark will be attached and that can be used to verify such association through secure online database using a mobile device can allow instant and incontrovertible verification of authenticity.
However, the minted marks' high production and material cost require reusability in order to be of practical use.
In a patent we filed, we described a method for employing such marks, the marks being (1) detachably secured on a product packaging, (2) authenticated at the point of purchase by verifying its ID through cloud computing, (3) removed in a quick-release method and collected by a store clerk at the point of purchase after authentication, (4) gathered with other collected and authenticated marks, and (5) sent for reuse to its "user" which can be a brand owner or an organization implementing supply chain standards and solutions.
Can this method be designed to make it economically practical and compatible to supply chain organization and processes?
Thank you very much.

Dear Reggie

Not sure I am the best person to answer this question as my expertise lies in Customs Regulation. My opinion is as follows:

There are quite a bit of anti-counterfeit technologies available and there is currently no standard. The choice is left to the parties involved in the transaction. Each case is unique, your technology may only be applicable in certain situation on certain commodities.

I would guess that if your item is expensive and requires add'l handling for it's re-usability, then it may only be applicable on high value or sensitive items initially, until, at a later date, you can somehow make it cheaper and with less handling involved.


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