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Do you have any suggestions on where to dance either folk or rock 'n roll in London? Ideally, something like drop-in classes or workshops. I am planning a fun themed day for my partner and I, and would love to add some dancing, but because of the theme and personal preference, clubbing isn't really suited! Neither of us is an experienced dancer, so I was looking for something fun and relaxed with a guide of some sort, where we can just turn up without having to commit to weeks of classes (it's just for that one day). I have found a couple of places online, but don't know about quality and if there's more choice!
Thank you for your time!

Hi Emi.

Aologies for the delay in replying - due to the public holiday weekend.

This was a tricky one as it's hard to find something which is a one off class and any that do folk but a couple of suggestions:
This lot have a wide range of classes that seem to run regularly.
This lot seem to be the key organisation offering folk dancing.

I've heard more about ad hoc salsa dancing but that's rather different from what you were looking for.

I hope these suggestions help you find what you are looking for.

Best wishes


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