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QUESTION: Lately my boyfriend has been distant, he still tells me he loves me and will call me, he just isn't putting as much effort to make this work.  He has been stressed out lately, and I understand him being distant! But when I bring it up, he turns it on to me! He says he'd want to talk to me more often if I was happier! And yes, I have been sad when we have been talking, but it's hard being away from him! So I guess what I want to know, is this worth it? We have been together for 2 years, and I am crazy about him. I'm just not sure he is about me. His name is David Idol.

ANSWER: ages?..how often do you see him?

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QUESTION: He is 20 and I am 19. We try to see each other every 2 weeks. When something comes up and we aren't able to see eachother, well usually try the next week! I know we are young and I should live my life, but I am crazy about him. And he is about me.

you're way too young to be hung up on 1 guy, especially one you don't see much and one who isn't into the relationship as much as you; how do you know he's not seeing anyone else?..figure out what your requirements are for continuing, and INFORM him--if he refuses, you're wasting time with the wrong guy...

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