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QUESTION: in a long distant relationship. Known him for ten years. When we first met we wanted to be together but I guess I wasn't ready. so we were both with other people. He even changed his number when he was with someone else but we remained close. Well we recently desired to be together and I plan to move there this summer. He says IM his girlfriend and he isn't with anyone else but he won't give me his number still. He says he wants to wait until I get there. Why won't he give it to ne?

ANSWER: because he's either married or has a girlfriend--you are wasting time in a fantasy that is going nowhere...

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QUESTION: If he is married or has a girlfriend then why would he ask me to move in with him? Plus we Skype almost every night.

ANSWER: how often have you seen him? has he given ANY good reason as to why there's no phone communication?...

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QUESTION: Last time I saw him it was 3 years ago because we weren't together. We have been close for ten years. We just recently decided we want to be together. He wants me to come visit him asap. And then move in with him after that. When I ask him why he won't give me his number he says he wants to wait until I go there. He has a son. And he had a big custody battle with his ex. I thought maybe she had something to do with it. But he was also with another girl not long before we got together because she called me. When that happened he called and told me not to talk to him and he was happy with her. He later told me he only said it because she said she would tell his babies mom. He said they broke up after that and he skypes with me every night almost so I know she isn't there. I thought maybe he was keeping her just in case I don't move there. U think that's possible or am I getting played? He skyped me tonight and told me he will fix this but don't know what he meant.

to me this "relationship" is a house of cards, with no solid foundation of any kind; Skyping and related messenging isn't the same as a "real" relationship; To visit once and then move in is a recipe for disaster; The only way to have a chance is to date the guy, see him weekly, observe him in different situations; He's obviously hiding something with his bogus excuses as to the telephone; I'd bet there's a female involved somewhere; saying he wants you there, and doing it, are 2 different things; You can do as you please, but to me these emotionally addictive fantasies where people don't even see each other are unhealthy and doomed to ...fail...It's hard enough to live together after seein each other regularly for awhile..you've no idea what you'd be getting into...

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