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Hi so I've been in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend for about a month now. She lives in Ky and I live in SC; she's 18 and I am 17. My parents know nothing about it because their against homosexuality and if they found out they would freak out on me and probably never let me see or talk to her. And of course that will tear us apart. I just want to meet her but I don't know how to get around my parents. I'm afraid to lose her if I can't see her soon because I'm taking the distance better than she is. I just need help I don't know what to do :'(

Please don't be afraid you will lose her if you don't see her in person soon.  It's been 1 month.  If she gives up on you that fast, then she isn't worth it anyway.  Talk to her about this.  Let her know your fears of her leaving you because of the distance.  Her reassurance will ease your mind.

It would certainly be a shock to tell your parents you have a girlfriend and are homosexual all at once if they are against homosexuality.  So tread lightly here.  You need to tell them first that you are homosexual.  Don't mention you have a girlfriend right away.  It will likely blow up in your face.  They need to be able to accept you for who you are before they can accept you having a girlfriend.

I know it must be very hard to tell your parents this.  No one wants to be rejected by their parents, especially for something that makes you YOU and is something beyond your control.  Has your girlfriend already come out to her family?  If she has, seek her advice.  Search online for how others came out to their parents.  Watch videos on youtube (search "coming out to parents" there are a ton of videos of people's stories and even live reactions).  Do anything that will help prepare you and make you feel more confident.

Come out only when you are ready to do this.  Maybe this person in your life is what ultimately motivates you to come out to your parents.

Don't let this be something they find out accidentally, let it be you who tells them this.  They will feel a lot more upset if they find out the first way.  And whatever you do, don't be sneaky with meeting up with your girlfriend without your parents knowing.  If they find out about it, it's not going to help them accept you.

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