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So I have been dating this guy for exactly 17 days now. Since monday he has not been messaging me, regardless of my attempts to talk first. Since we use the app Kik, I know he has read the messages but he does not respond at all. With the way I am, I require at least a "Hey" once a day. Now if that makes me clingy then tell me but mind that this is long distance and we wont be seeing each other till I get my car. Now I know he is real however cause we skyped a lot. I just don't get the attention I need from him ya know? Yet even still I am in love with him and I am certain its love because i have dated MANY people but never felt the way I do before. I wish simply to know 2 things though.
1) Do I seem clingy and could that be why he wont talk to me anymore
2) Do you think in your honest opinion that I should break it off with him and try to get over it
I truly just wish to know what to do.
Thank You.

Hey Jim,

Thanks for writing in and dropping a word. It takes a lot to open up about issues in the back of the mind and when its related to our heart, it takes guts to pen down left alone talk with someone about the same. I appreciate your gesture in pouring your heart felt emotions and seeking a helping hand for the same. Kudos to you !!!

Well to be honest, I feel pity on your situation right now. you come across as such a sweet and genuine lady, and I can bet that you really value a man and emotions a lot. Since it's long distance relationship, people should take respond more and stay more in touch to let the intensity be high. But it seems that your guy is not really serious about relationship with you and just wants things at his comfort zone. Had he been true lover, he would have cared to messaged you, informed you if he was busy or stuck and couldn't reply. It's such insensitive behaviour to keep a lady waiting and not reverting to her. As far as your questions are concerned:

1) Nopes, you are sounding too clingy, but you are making all attempts to stay in touch and interact with the guy and keep talks on. This is quite normal in long distance relationship and you are absolutely justified in your behaviour and actions.

2) Well, it's high time you sat back and realized your priorities in life. You should realize that in past you didn't feel love with anyone, as the guys didn't give you comfort zone but were restless to get close and spend time. This guy gave you space and made you feel special. but this guys is quite moody and he wants things as per his mood and comfort zone, which is very dangerous for any relationship. Signs are not positive and you need to take a strong stand now!!

Just go out and give your best and  things would fall in place...

All the best !!

Relationship Counsellor
Bringing smiles on the faces on the way .....

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