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QUESTION: Wow it's been forever since I've used this website. Anyways, I met this girl online 2 years ago, we've dated on and off, but always been there. I met her 2 months ago on my birthday and we started dating again. I thought it before but I knew then I fell in love. I'm so head over heels with her. The problem is college. She was having horrid anxiety from failing one class and it was affecting her health. She distanced from me. Then she broke up with me and called it a break, but ended up trying to date this guy there. Now, I'm not giving up now, because I know that her feelings for me are still there, just underneath all of the stress. So my question is, how can I be her best friend, be supportive, and still let her know subtly about my feelings and hers?

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ANSWER: ho often do you see her, talk to her, and what does she say?

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QUESTION: I try and go see her when I can. We skype, talked everyday before the breakup. She doesn't deny that our relationship has these little bumps. I planned to move up there finally this coming new year but I'm worried now about this because she has a boyfriend now. They've only dated for 2 days and I just know for a fact that I'm better for her. I'm trying hard to be her best friend, support her.

so sounds like at this point you're not seein her; it appears she dumped you and is seeing another; under the circumstances you shouldn't be trying to be "friends", which you can't really do anyway because friends don't have romantic feelings...hanging on as an alleged "friend" only makes you look weak/needy; instead, stop communicating, let her worry about losing YOU...it's your only chance, as she needs to realize what she's lost, and she won't do that if she knows you're waitin sheepishly on the sidelines...

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