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QUESTION: Im in a long distance relationship and for the most part things go well i was suppose to fly from east coast to west coast for a few days but i have a fear of flying and started freaking out with all the bad weather  and stuff so we cancelled the plans and i said i would go there in about 4 weeks since im gonna transfer to be with her anyway.oddly though i think they are sp mad and or dissapointed that they have been igmoring my calls .this is hurtful.what should i do ? I thought two adults can talk about stuffand instead this.this was a visit and nothing elaborate was planned other than looking for a place which they were supposed to do by now since the trabsfer is time sensitivebut she hasnt.im shocked and hurt at this angle they have now taken

ANSWER: ages?..how long have u known ea other?..how many times have u seen each other?

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QUESTION: 43 and 45 respectively. About two yrs have gone back and forth about whos gonna transfer i habe no kids she has three in there twenties i spent three months out there once she spent about five out here once finally decided out there is place to be want her to be around for grandkids especially

ANSWER: did you fly there before?

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QUESTION: When itransferred there i took the bus and flew back

i can understand her not bein happy about the cancelling, especially if there wasn't much notice, but to just stop communicating is ridiculous; rather than chase her, i'd just stop tryin to make contact, and maybe even tell her that if/when she comes to her senses, she knows where to find you...  

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