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QUESTION: A year and a half before I got married, my then fiancee moved back to Hong Kong to be with her family while I continued to stay in Los Angeles. During that 1.5 years apart, I went to Hong Kong to visit her 3 times (the third time being my wedding itself.) Each time I visited her we did not have sex: I initiated it but she was not interested. She was also not very affectionate. What could it mean?

Although I cannot now remember how frequently we had sex before she moved to Hong Kong, we certainly did have sex during the period before she moved to Hong Kong.

If you need more background information to help you form an opinion, please feel free to ask, as I'm not sure what information you would need.  Thank you.

ANSWER: so how is now? are you together?

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QUESTION: I returned to Los Angeles after the wedding and i have not visited for another year and a half since the wedding.  I will finally move to hong Kong in about a month and a half.

why didn't anyone talk you out of this?..this is not a "real" marriage, more some technicality; as for her lack of sexual interest, who knows?..could be alot of reasons, but even that was a long time ago; all bets are off until you see her and determine if there's something salvagable or you realize that this has been over for a long time...

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