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So my boyfriend and I have known each other for 4 years, and these past 2 years we've gotten more serious. I live in California and he lives in Illinois. We are both 18 now and his parents have know about me from the start. Hes come down to see me twice, but I had to sneak around so I could hang out with him. When we first met we connected really well, and the second time it was even better.

I've never been that open with my mom so I'm nervous to tell her about my boyfriend because we met online, and I don't think she would approve because of that. She doesn't know that I'm even in a relationship right now, but I really do want to tell her. My older sister knows about us and she approves, but my mother isn't open minded, and once she has her opinion on something there is no changing it. Recently his parents have been hinting that they really want me to go to Illinois to visit them, instead of him coming to see me. I understand that it's very costly, but there is no way i could fly to another state without my parents knowing. Another thing is that I'm not very close with my dad so i don't feel comfortable to tell him either. I'd really like to tell my mom about my boyfriend but I don't know how to start up the conversation in a way where she won't just completely shut me out.

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there's no magical way...you basically tell her as you told me, and expect the worst, or continue without her knowing....but, you're 18 not 13, so even if she doesn't like it there isn't alot she can do about it; i'm sure she realizes how common online dating is..maybe you can set up skype where she can see/talk to him...if possible, have your older sister around as well; also, offer that she could talk to his parents as well; you might be worrying needlessly, because at 18 you are expected to make your own decisions as to who you see...

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