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Dear Azure
First off, I like your name. :3

Anyway, onto the issue. Well... I'm on a website called Fanfiction. I wasn't supposed to be on it, but I created an account there anyway. My boyfriend and I are about 6500 miles away - he lives in Bahrain and I in Australia. I constantly worry whether he cheats on me or not, since he's at that age where when teen boys see a hot girl, they pounce.

I met him after I was in an online relationship. He got me to fall for him (without meaning to) by writing a poem. My ex introduced me to a forum (we'll call it SC) and my BF and I started communicating then.

We now talk via text and calls, he's too lazy to install Skype.

I'm terrified to tell my parents how I met him, or even about him. They disapprove of having a BF since they're apparently distractions. They want me to be a paediatrician and to only get a BF when I'm 28. They trust me a lot, but what they don't realize is that I break their trust by having a BF.

I'm sorry this is all jumbled up. It's 1 in the morning and I can't think straight.

My BF and I have a 4 year difference. Oh, I forgot to mention that he's originally from the Philippines and that I am originally from Singapore.

His parents know about me, but mine don't. I might wait till I'm 18 to tell them - that way they don't get to hurt me or beat me, or call me names.

Please help me - I'm not even supposed to be on the laptop right now.

I'm scared stiff and trembling, if they find out which websites I'm on then they'll never forgive me and and and I'm freaking out, sorry, please help me, Azure!

A panicking and terrified Amethyst

thanks..no one has ever said that (i'm a guy)...like your name as well, my birthstone i believe..not sure what your question is--no way either of us will make your parents think differently; i've no issue with your having a boyfriend--my thing is i have no faith in "relationships" that have no basis in "real" life, where 2 people actually DO things together, and you can observe each other in different situations; all you really have is an addictive fantasy based on WORDS; at your age and at that distance, no way you should be taking this all that seriously--it can end in an instant; you both need those that are physically PRESENT; find someone before he does, and don't make the foolish mistake of tieing your emotions on a dream...

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