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Long Distance Relationships/Boyfriend has been ignoring. I dont understand why.


I havent felt this terrible in a while and i really really need advice from a new prospective. Im so so sorry if this is long... I have a boyfriend of two years. Hes been going through a lot recently like medically and hes been stressed. Well last month his grandma needed him around the house why his dad had some business out of the country. Hes already been gone a month and will be gone for three more months... But about two weeks ago he went to the doctor got some bad news. Got ive been trying to help him through it and talk to him about it. But pretty much since that appointment hes been acting so strange. Even before the appointment he was on his social media talking about how he just wants to find the perfect girl and going on. I dont use social media so my friend told me. I confronted him about it then he said it was about me... Then he stopped texting me as nearly as much. No goodnight or goodmorning texts barely one during the day. I finally caught up to him and i asked him if hes alright... And he claims our phones arent working. He started arguing with me about it. But i just dont understand how are phones arent working. Except for when he wants to argue. And then he keeps claiming its my fault that im not texting him or hell say hes really busy and i just dont get him... And hes been super whiney recently. And i just want him to be alright. I got tired of him completely ignoring me and ive been upset stressing everyone out around me... so i texted him if you just dont want to talk to me just tell me please.... We talked about four nights on skype. I thought everything was better until he just didnt even say i love you. Later i asked him why things were different. He says because of me and what i said in that text. How i hurt him by saying that and he always wants to talk to me. (This is almost done i promise. Im so sorry) and then he lashed out on me about how my phone was sending alot of text messages making it freeze and i tried telling him it

Wasnt me and called him. He ignored it. Told he he had to wake up early and needed his phone because it was for something that would change his life... Then i said okay sorry ill stop texting you. He replied. You just dont understand. I lashed out a little telling him how im trying to but he just wont let me. And he hasnt even tried texting me since and ignores my calls and i havent felt this upset in so long... Ive been trying to say sorry and make things okay and ... I dont know what to do. And it doesnt help that he ignores every text or call. No matter if i say sorry or i love you... Please help... Please... I know this sounds extremely ridiculous but i cant go another day without talking to him... Thank you so much im sorry for it being so long. We have never argued like this and i just hate constantly waiting for a reply or wanting to see if he just wants this to end. but when i bring that up he gets upset. Thanks for helping. i appreciate this so much.

there is NOTHING healthy about this; you have gotten yourself into an emotionally addictive arrangement with someone you don't even SEE, who has shown you in VARIOUS ways that he really doesn't care about you; yet here you are, totally needy/dependent on hearing from this guy; is this how you want to live?....get off the computer, off the phone, and start living a REAL life, interacting with those NEARBY you can actually DO things with; also, go to the library and get a book on increasing self-esteem, which will help you not be so emotionally needy when the next guy comes along;

i know it hurts and it's not easy, but its time to tell this guy that it's over; sure it might leave you sad for a few days, but in the long run you will feel good about yourself for being able to do it, rather than just sit there waiting for a fantasy, and feel awful each day; even if you do communicate with him, you might feel better for a moment, but the same thing will happen over and over, as it's obvious he's not into this; in the future, stay away from those you can't SEE regularly...

Long Distance Relationships

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