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QUESTION: Dear azure. I've been talking to this girl who lives about 45 mins to an hour away. She tells me she really likes me but probably couldn't be with me because of the distance. I am meeting her in 2 days in person for the first time and i need to know if there is any way that long distance relationships work. if so how could we make it work and how could i convince her to date me even with the distance. is there anything i could tell her that would convince her if so what should i say. Please help me because i am deeply troubled about it

ANSWER: ages? ..do you drive?

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QUESTION: I'm 20 she is 19. I dont have a license anymore because of a dui. she has a car but i pay for gas. least i am on Tuesday

here's the key phrase.."where there's a will there's a way"..say it, even in different ways; tell her that you'll be getting the license back, and until then you will help with expenses or maybe find another way to go to see her; other than that, just be your hopefully likeable self; in the final analysis, if she likes your enough, she'll deal with it...

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