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Hi my name is Meghan. I live in Littleton, CO. I am 20 years old. I am female. I was born on October 17th, 1992 In Aurora, CO. I am blonde with long hair, fair skin, average weight, 5'3".
My question is about my long distance relationship. It feels very right but I want to know if this is something that will last a while or am I just wasting time? I have very strong feelings for him, does he reciprocate those feelings as strongly as I do? Do he and I have a future together?

good morning meghan...in my opinion, you're wasting your time; when it's that far and you can't see each other regularly, you have a fantasy, an addictive emotional dependency on someone who for the moment satisfies the need to feel wanted; most times these arrangements usually go nowhere; healthy relationships need couples seeing, observing, touching, DOING things together in REAL life, not on the phone or internet; so, chances are you'll regret wasting this time--time to return to REAL life, meeting/dating those NEARBY you can actually DO things with....

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