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Hello, my friend and I met online around a year ago. Over that time, we have become very close friends. We decided recently now was the time for us to meet in person for the first time.

She will be flying in Tuesday night and staying with me for about two weeks.

That said, it is very likely that sometime during her visit we will decide we want to be together (be a couple).

I could use some common sense advice on making the most of her first visit.

For example, what can I do to make sure our visit is a enjoyable as possible for both of us?

What can I do to make her feel as comfortable as possible while here?

What can I do to avoid any negative situations while she is here?

Any and all advice you might have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

P.S. I have sent this question to another expert as well. I want to get as much advice as possible.

First off, congrats on getting to this stage of your relationship.  I went through something very similar (our decision to be a couple was cemented with our first visit - we had met before in person as friends, but when I went on my first visit to see Frank, it was the first substantial time I had been with him in person as a couple).

It is important that during your visit you relax and be open and honest about anything you are feeling.  You being relaxed will make HER relaxed and comfortable.  

To avoid any negative situations... I would just listen to her and make sure she's comfortable.  You probably know this... but be a gentleman.  Be a gentleman in general (compliment her, open doors for her, be caring and compassionate...), but also don't rush anything physical with her.  For example, if you want to kiss her, ask her first; especially if she hasn't leaned in for one yet.  Each step that it starts to go further than that, ask her if she's sure.  You don't want her to feel pressured to do anything and you'll want to convey that to her - she will appreciate it.  Even in the heat of the moment have her feelings in mind and put her first.  

Again, congrats!  I hope you have a great time together.  It definitely is an exciting time.  Make memories, take pictures... you never know this might be the person you spend a lifetime with.

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