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Hi I was wondering where my relationship is going. I met him about 2 months ago. I'm almost 17, and he just turned 20, we've kissed but nothing more than that. He lives in Iowa and I live in Colorado and I don't get to see him much but we talk everyday and I think I might love him. I just don't know how it can go. I'll go off to college in two years and who knows where he will be by then if we are still dating. So my question was: where do you think this relationship is going? When is it appropriate to tell him how I feel about him? Does he have to tell me first? What should I do?

the chances of this goin anywhere are slim to none; you're both young, have different lives to live, different paths, distance between you..one short meeting doesn't make a relationship; i suggest you not only not say anything as to your feelings, but try to reduce them while lowering your expectations to zero, and refocusing on those NEARBY you can actually DO things with besides talk...

Long Distance Relationships

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