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Long Distance Relationships/Boyfriend Graduating college


I'm a freshman in college and he's a senior. We met on Tinder in September with no intentions of finding anything serious, but after we started hanging out, we became exclusive in October. After a month of being exclusive, I asked him about our relationship's future and he said he would like to be together but he doesn't want to talk about the future because he just wants to enjoy things now and live in the moment and we made it official in November.
I live in the dorms and have a roommate and he lives in a house with several guys a minute walk away from my dorm. We rarely see each other on weekdays, but on the weekends I'm at his house and we're inseperable. I'm trying to keep his mentality "live in the now", but I can't help but to think of our future.
He's my first boyfriend and I'm his third girlfriend (his two previous relationships were each over a year long so I do believe we will be long term, but I do fear he will be afraid and end it when he graduates, also it seems unlikely.)
The Thanksgiving holiday in November was our first time apart (a week) and we didn't miss each other as much but being apart brought us so much closer. Now we are on Winter Break (two weeks) ans we're both miserably missing one another.
We go to school in the Midwest. I'm from the midwest but he is from the west coast. He plans to get a job in the midwest, but he will accept the best job offer he recieves regardless of location. I know he doesn't want to think about it, but how do i go about asking him about our relatinship's future?
As a freshman with 3 more years left and with him being my first boyfriend, is it a wise decision to start a long distance relationship with him after he graduates? Because he's only had serious relationships and he's maturing, even if he's not thinking of marriage, i know he wants to settle down and I would be fine with staying in a committed relatioship with him, but because I am young and in college, should I keep looking and ask him to wait for me? All of my friends say I am crazy for dating a senior knowing he is leaving, and that I should let him go and find someone younger.

nothing wrong with dating a senior, but the thing is, in most relationships there's 1 person who's needier, less secure, has these concerns, and here unfortunately it's you..your expectations are way too high, under the circumstances; like he says, just focus on enjoying the moment, as the future offers no guarantees, especially in this arrangement; at your age, i wouldn't advise signing up for any exclusive 3 yr long term deal after he need the experience of meeting/dating others before deciding who you might want to be with the rest of your life--5 years from now, chances are you'll feel totally different, or he will; so, stop bringing up or even thinking about tomorrow and enjoy today....  

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