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Hi! I am in a relationship since may 2010. We both live in the same city, he is currently living in his own house, but most of the time we are spending at my place. This year we were supposed to live together. I am 34 years old and he is 37. He has a younger brother(13)that doesn't know his father so my boyfriend and his mother took care of him. He said that this year his brother will be old enough so he(my boyfriend)can move to my place so we can live together. But,my boyfriend got a job in another country and he decided to move there next week. He said it's a good opportunity for him and that he wants to go.(he has a good salary in our country too) He said to me that if I want to go, I am welcome. But, that is not so easy for me to quit my job (I am an attorney, and my country and that country don't have the same legal system and I won't be able to be an attorney there), go there without a job..I don't want to depend on him financially..So he decided to go just for one year, and then he said, when he comes back, we will have more money and we will live together. But, in my gut, I can feel that he is not coming back. So, my question to you is- how can I know that that relationship is going to survive and what can I do to make things better for myself (I am feeling very depressed right now, I feel abandoned)?
Thank you!

obviously, you can't know it will survive, since there's a good chance it won't; your feelings are natural, so just let then come out; the best thing you can do is begin thinking about YOUR life--what are your goals for yourself in the coming weeks/months/years? develop a plan of action, which i think should include meeting/dating others; the guy is leaving to further HIS life, and gave you a week's notice--he doesn't deserve your faithfulness in return...

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