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In October I met a man while playing a "random opponent" on a dice game online. We began talking and he told me right off the bat that he had been in a 25 year relationship but was extremely unhappy. He said he planned to leave her in 2015 once some expected money came to him so that he could give her the money (she's never had to work thanks to him) so he wouldn't leave her high and dry. Well things have very seriously progressed between us...we talk every single day by phone and by text and the texting goes on all day long. We are crazy about each other but he's on the West Coast, I'm in the Midwest. I plan to fly to his city in about a month, and he will come spend time in my hotel as he can. Did I mention we have extremely passionate phone and text sex and are very anxious to be together? We talk about the future, our future and we both express the desire to have a life together. We both have adult children and as much as we want to be together, neither of us can bear the thought of moving away from our children. Everyone I know tells me that this will never work, and that he will never leave his partner. But they don't hear us talk and they don't hear how crazy he is about me. Am I being naive? Does this relationship have a chance?

listen to your friends--this is an addictive sexually based fantasy that takes place in your mind, not in the real world; healthy relationships need in person interaction to grow, not phone sex, which is like giving opium to a drug addict; if that isn't bad enough, you bring into it a "partner", or someone who's no doubt being deceived on an ongoing basis, and that he'll probably never leave

this emotional dependency will one day vanish, and you will be totally disillusioned; my advice would be to wake up, confine your male relationships to those NEARBY you can see, touch, observe in different situations, DO things with;  

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