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Hello; I am a junior boy who has been friends with a girl one grade level ahead of me but only 5 months older than me. We ended up in two of the same classes this year, and after she asked me to as a friend to TWIRP, we began messaging over Facebook (1700 messages). Over time, we learned that we have a lot of common interests and we grew from distant classmates to best friends. Eventually, I worked up the guts to ask her to prom (I didn't want to go with anyone else, and after the dance, she was the only thing person on my mind 24/7). I never really fell in love with her, it just grew on me as I thought about her more and more. On our fifth date, I took her bowling, and I asked her to go steady afterwards. We had gotten to know each other so well by then, that even though we had been friends for so long, it was only natural for us to like each other a lot. In our relationship, we have only wanted the best for each other's happiness and well-being, respected each other's social autonomy and supported each other all the way. We both have old and close relations to each other's family, and we truly care for each other despite our differences in religious beliefs and pop culture. We accept each other for who we are. So, she's going off to college two state away in August, and we're still going to be together then. I very well might attend the same college after I graduate, and we can hang out whenever she comes home, but would it be ok to maintain such a long distance relationship. We have both dated many people at this point, but we've never been in such a strong relationship and or found someone else that we've been so profoundly attracted to; we just don't want to spoil it by having us date other people next year. Should we maintain our relationship or play it off for a year?

no matter how tight your relation seems now, college changes everything; i wouldn't make a rule of exclusivity, because most times the natural interest in those closeby will create resentment if a rule is imposed that we can't act on our desires; plus at your ages, experience in meeting/dating others is a good thing; so i would still stay in touch, but make it so both of you are free to date others if you choose; if it's meant to be, neither of you will wind up prefering anyone but each other; if someone finds someone that makes them happier, than they really should be with that person..

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