Long Distance Relationships/LDR ever work


Do you not believe in love at first sight?
Or that online relationship exist and can work?
Or is just my case your saying isn't going to work an is a mere fantasy.

you can have a strong attraction, but i wouldn't call that love; after 1 date, you hardly know enough about someone to love him; real  love is a GIVING, not just a feeling; you know almost nothing about him, how he would act in different situations, how he would be after 3, 10, 20 dates; online is an okay place to make contact, agree to meet, but it needs to be followed by IN PERSON interaction, not just alot of meaningless talk, which has led you to believe that this is somehow exclusive, and that 1 date is enough to allow yourself to get this emotionally involved; the REALITY is that this is far from love, that calling months of chatting a "relationship" is foolish and hardly ever works, and that in this case to believe otherwise is to be in an emotionally dependent fantasy..

Long Distance Relationships

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