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m 20 year old. my question may be out of sense but plz co-oprate wid me. actually me and my bf has sex only 2 times in the diffrence of 3 months due to long distance relationship. i shouldnt say it was a complete sex u can say it was 60% of it becoz i cant tolerate more pain so he stopped. now my question is:-
if i dnt do any further sex wid him in future till 3-4 year is my vagina will be tight again or not i mean not having sex for a long time can take the vagina to past situation or not.
becoz i wnt to be virgin plz help me.
also tell me how can i control my self to having sex wid him becoz when he start kissing me i cant control myself to have.
we r in relation from last 3.5 year bu m not sure abt our marriage so i wanna to still virgin.
and what will happen if i marry to someone else after 4 years is he can knw abt my sex i do wid my bf?
plz help

Your vagina should not have been affected much by having incomplete penetration only twice.  You will never be a virgin again, because you have had sex twice.  I would suggest you work on being fully penetrated.  It shouldn't take your vagina very long to get used to sex.  And you would be better off telling your future partner that you are not a virgin.  That's what the truth is.

Losing Your Virginity

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