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QUESTION: I'm a virgin, I meet a girl on a dating website, I'm gonna ask her on a date soon, I want to know just in case things move fast, what size condoms I would need, should I just run to the store buy a box and try them on, I have no girlfriend so if things between me and her don't work I would be stuck with them, or is there and easier way?

ANSWER: Condoms don't come in a lot of different sizes.  Most are one size fits all.  There are large and extra large ones (questionable whether some of the males who buy them really need a large size), and harder to find are small sized ones.  I would say get a small number (3, maybe) regular sized ones (that don't say they're large or small, etc.) and see how they fit your erection.  It should feel snug but not tight and not be at risk for slipping off.  

Condoms have a fairly far off expiration date, so I doubt you'd be stuck with them forever if you don't like them.

You might also find a variety box that has 3 each of four different kinds, for example.

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QUESTION: My penis is 9 inches long with a girth of 6.3 inches.

ANSWER: If that's true, then you might try a large condom.  I use Lifestyles Kyng, and a popular large condom is Trojan Magnum.

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QUESTION: So what your saying, is I should run down to the store that has condoms by me, and buy magnum xl's and try them on, and if they fit throw the opening 1 away, and save the rest?

How you buy them is up to you.  You might even find a place that gives them away free.  Since you seem to never have used a condom before, I would suggest buying small, like a 3-pack, or a 12-pack that has four different varieties.  Then see how they fit and feel.  Some guys even like to masturbate wearing them.  Obviously ones you try on can't be saved for later.  If you like a particular kind, buy more.

Feel free to ask me more questions!

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