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Losing Your Virginity/Boyfriend can't maintain erection


Me and my boyfriend are both 17 and we've been dating for a year, we are extremely close as we were friends for at least  2 years before we got together. We are both virgins. Two weeks ago, we tried to have sex for the very first time, but just when he put condom on he lost his erection and couldn't manage to get it up for the next 15 minutes or so, and then i was not in the mood so we just cuddled and did the usual stuff. Yesterday we tried casually for the second time. This time he didn't even put condom, he just lost it as he reached for the condom. He has had normal erection for as long as we've been dating, and he had it while we were kissing and doing other things yesterday. He was really ashamed and dissapointed although i told him not to worry. The thing is, i know that he is scared and that it is his first time, but it is mine too and i am also worried about the pain and other things. I do my best to make him feel better but i can't just focus on him as i need to be aroused and calm as well. What should i do to make this any easier?

Most likely he is just nervous.  He mostly needs to relax and enjoy himself and worry less about having or not having an erection.  It would also help if he didn't do anything sexual (including masturbate) for 4-5 days before your next try at intercourse.  It will get easier with more practice.  You can help by not putting pressure on him to perform.  Just relax and wait for the time to be right.

Losing Your Virginity

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