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Losing Your Virginity/what can i do to make it easy


Okay so here is my problem.
I ve been in relationship with this girl since 1 year. Eventually we both decided to engage in sexual act. We both are virgins so i m not experienced in practical knowledge of sex. So i was in the bed with her, did foreplay and things went well. Then i tried to penetrate her but every time it failed either due to she having intense pain, pushing me back or things like this. I tried 3-4 times but failed. Then eventually i gave up and told her that i would try it next time. She had no complains about it and actually she seemed happy because i stopped. I dont want to force her or make her cry. Any suggetions about how can i make it work, with minimum pain and in short time?

It is wrong to do anything sexual to her without her consent.  If she is happy because you stopped, then stay stopped.  If she consents to further penetration, I suggest she apply a water-based lube generously at the entrance of her vagina before you attempt it again.  If the pain persists, then it would serve her well to learn to masturbate with objects on her own and let you know when she feels comfortable enough with her vagina to let you try again.

Losing Your Virginity

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