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Can  a General Practitioner tell if the hymen is intact or is a gynecologist the only one? Also, If the hymen was slightly torn, can it repair itself?

ANSWER: Any doctor who examines a hymen can tell if it is intact.  If a hymen gets to be no longer intact, it will not repair itself.  Having or not having a hymen does not mean a person is or is not a virgin.  The only way to lose your virginity is by having sex with another person.

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QUESTION: Even if the doctor examines it through a manual examination?
My doctor did a manual examination and told me that my hymen was intact, does it mean that it was normal and that I will bleed on first intercourse?  

I thought that if there was a small tear, it cal repair itself? For example from a tampon or something?

ANSWER: That would be a good question for a pediatrician or gynecologist who sees them all the time.  My belief is that the hymen does not have reparative or regenerative capability.  Learn more about hymens at http://www.healthystrokes.com/hymengallery.html.  

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QUESTION: She told me that I was normal and it was as if nothing had happened. She also said she does not see why I would not bleed.
But I just want to make sure.. Since I'm considered normal, I should bleed?
Sorry for the repeated question, it is a nerve racking thing in my culture.

Not all females have equally vascular hymens.  Some girls don't bleed because they have few or no blood vessels in their hymens.  You could be in that group.  If you have a large rupture of your hymen at once, you should expect bleeding, even if your hymen is less vascular than most.  

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