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Hello I am 17 and soon turning 18. I want to lose my virginity, but have never been in a relationship, nor had the opportunity to interact with females due to my enviorment (self stidying and a shyness to approach females outside). So how do I lose my virginity or learn/be in a relationship. The only option I currently see is using some online site, however very seceptical and unsure which to use.

The average age of first intercourse for a male is 18, so you are certainly not lagging behind your cohort by being a virgin at your age.  I suspect you are still in high school.  You are much better off finding someone to date at your high school than an online dating site.  Make a list of girls who you perceive would be interested in spending time with you.  Then ask one to join you for a fast-food meal or a trip to the ice cream shop.  

You also might consider attending your school's fall dance, even if you don't have a date.  There will probably be many females and few or no males there.  You will be popular merely by showing up!  

When you interact with girls, ask for their phone numbers or e-mail addresses and call, e-mail, or text appropriately.

Work at getting comfortable and getting to know girls, and save sex for later.  It will happen when the time is right, if you have females in your life.

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