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Hey Ray,
Not about New Orleans though.  But as a longtime resident, maybe you travel that I10 route along throught Mississippi and into Florida.  If not, well, okay, but I had to ask.  We make the drive through there every summer and last July there was a huge bottleneck backed up for a couple of hours or more to that tunnel in Mobile from close to Biloxi.  I didn't see construction or any accidents either.  It was just a crawl for such a long time.  It's never a pleasant ride, but last year was such a pill.  Do you have any comments or advice?  


Maybe we drive that route once a year or so. Never had a delay like that.

Don't know what to say except that I-10 would still be the best way to enter from the east.

If you have any New Orleans questions, just ask.

   Good Luck -R


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