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In your opinion, are no-stick cooking sprays safe to use?

Any pros and cons would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I believe they are safe but I have not looked too closely at the issue. I suggest you do some searching on the web to see what others think. Also, did you know you can a sprayer for regular oil? And a light spray, a small amount, is not many calories. Good luck!

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I can help you cook and eat delicious foods without the "bad" fats. I am particularly experienced in vegetarian cooking, especially tofu, but I am also experienced with fish and chicken (not as much with red meat). I particularly enjoy the heavily spiced foods of Asia. I feel you can avoid frying in a pool of oil and leave out those extra hunks of butter, and still enjoy wonderful food.


I've been cooking low-fat ever since I started cooking, about 30 years ago. Long-time subscriber to Cooking Light Magazine, which I highly recommend.

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