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I was low carb for years, then gluten free, still couldnt lose weight. Recently I went no fat, and the scale moved, then no dairy with more results. Do you think some folks le me are just more sensitive to dietary fats which result in weight gain?

Congratulations on your weight loss, Sue.

I'm surprised that decreasing carbs and gluten (which I interpret as decreasing the high glycemic "white carbs" that are so bad for us and that most of us eat too much of) didn't result in weight loss for you. I wonder if you were consuming so many fat calories that eliminating fat meant eliminating a lot of calories, and that did the trick. For example, if you were drinking a glass of whole milk at every meal, not drinking that milk meant a significant calorie reduction that would result in weight loss.

I'm not a fan of completely eliminating fat, or anything that you like for that matter.  I'm sure you know that some fats are good for you, such as avocado, olive oil, nuts, and fatty fish such as salmon. But fats are calorie dense, so have to limit amounts.

I believe it's all about portion size: one ounce of cheese every day can be a part of a healthy diet. But your average slice of pizza (and who eats just one?) has more than one ounce.

I haven't answered your question though. I really don't know whether some people are more sensitive to fat than others. In general, I believe the current nutritional advice applies to most people: eat real (not processed), whole food, mostly vegetables and fruits(animal products should be the smallest thing on your  plate) in a variety of colors, in reasonable portions. Eat thus way 80% of the time. Eliminate foods completely only if you are allergic or have a strong reaction, or if you can't stop once you start (like if you can't eat just one cookie).

Hope that helps.

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I can help you cook and eat delicious foods without the "bad" fats. I am particularly experienced in vegetarian cooking, especially tofu, but I am also experienced with fish and chicken (not as much with red meat). I particularly enjoy the heavily spiced foods of Asia. I feel you can avoid frying in a pool of oil and leave out those extra hunks of butter, and still enjoy wonderful food.


I've been cooking low-fat ever since I started cooking, about 30 years ago. Long-time subscriber to Cooking Light Magazine, which I highly recommend.

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