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Low Fat Cooking/How long before you become 'adapted' to a low far semi vegetarian diet?


Can it take months for your body to adjust to a new diet, going from meat heavy to one based on carbs and plant protein? I am a guy that ate lots of meat for over 50 years, plus was on a low carb diet. About a month into eating low fat near vegetarian, I was overcome with cravings so I gave in with a little extra lean ground beef. Late at night and thats all we had in the house. I work nights (4pm to midnight) so I can pretty much ignore the cravings while working, then just go to bed when I get home, but weekends are tough. Thanks for your thoughts


Are you having "cravings" (like, I just gotta have a burger) or are you actually hungry (stomach growling)? If it's the latter, maybe you're not eating enough or not getting enough protein. If that's the case, be sure you've done your research about how to eat a balanced and healthy diet.

But if it's the former, perhaps small amounts of what you're craving will help. Often people remove entire categories of food from their diets because they just can't a small amount of that food. Like, some people can't eat even one cookie because they can't stop themselves from eating the entire package. If that's the case, then I understand, but if you can limit yourself to just a few bites or a small portion, I tend to feel that's better than depriving yourself entirely. If you keep thinking about how you can't eat cheeseburgers, guess what you'll be thinking about all day? Can you eat a half? Or a slider?

Now, if you've decided that you were just eating too much before and you are now eating healthy portions, then I'm sure it WILL take time to get used to it.

I strongly suggest you consult with a nutritionist or dietition, who will be able to tell you what and how much to eat much better than I can.

Good luck!

Ellen Sue

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