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Lung Disease/chest/lung pain in left side


Adam wrote at 2007-04-27 01:21:16
I have the same symptoms.  Please see:  

I was VERY relieved that this is a benign condition known as Precordial Catch Syndrome (PCS).

I hope this helps!


Jill wrote at 2008-09-11 22:25:20
I'm a 12 year old girl and I know exactly what your going through. I have it too! It happens at random times and it gives you limited space to breath right? Of all the doctors I've been to, There was none that really helped. They said its chest pain and some said its growing pain but I've had it since I was three and I don't think it'll ever go away. It's gotten worse over the years.It might be  an unknown Disease. or pleurisy.

samy wrote at 2009-12-28 08:18:08
Hello stacy, I am having similar type of pain over the past 10-years. I have little when breathing In and Out.  My BP is not in a threat.. Any suggestions from your Side?

Renee' wrote at 2010-02-12 00:25:39
I have had the same pain for years now also. I noticed it when i was 18 now I am 25. I feel it more towards the back and side of lungs/ribs. Its not hard to breath or anything it's just the movement of taking a very deep breath or moving a certain way. I was told it was plurisy but plurisy does'nt last for years.

JCross wrote at 2013-06-09 10:10:39
You need to get it looked at. My cousin had pain like that and they found a tumor although it wasn't cancerous it needed to be removed. 6 months after that he was fine and all pain was gone

A tumor is bad news request an MRI and make them look at it. If they don't want to look at it then they shouldn't be a doctor. That's my personal opinion

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