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Lupus/Lupus- is taking no prescriptions ok?


Hello! Im a 34 year old mother of 3. I was just diagnosed, my first flare started with a headache beginning of October, about a month ago. I then developed a plethora of  symptoms from swollen nodes, body rashes and the worst- excruciating joint pain. After reading on the net and talking to my friend who is a doctor in Colombia, I decided not to take any meds, which my doc thinks is crazy. Instead I am on a very strict diet and taking several supplements. Eventually I will do a candida detox and then a heavy metal detox, if needed. I know I have a ton if candida. Anyway, my flare lasted almost a month and I thought it was over but a few days before I was to start my cycle I got the headache again!!! (At the same exact time my first flare started, SO flare right after flare or continuation of flare I don't know). I'm on an anti inflammatory, anti allergen, anti candida diet. Yeah I can hardly eat anything. Now the head pain is back and I fear it's all going to start over! Do I NEED meds? I optimistically thought I could get away with never taking them. But I don't want the inflammation to permanently mess with my head either. I'm so lost and really don't know what to do.

Hi Julie!
Thanks for writing in.
I am not a doctor, and can't give you medical advice, but I can share my experience with you.

First of all, I've been on a lot of drugs, and I've been on no drugs. I was diagnosed in 1993. It's possible to get to a point of zero drugs, even with severe lupus (I had kidney failure and congestive heart failure). I am zero lupus drugs right now, and have been off lupus drugs for the last 6 years. It's mostly my diet that allows me to stay off the lupus drugs.

I believe many people, if they are willing to work at it consistently, can heal naturally if they get the support they need, and- very important- get enough REST.

My symptoms always flare up during my cycle. I get headaches and muscle pain. I take some advil or even percocet, and in 2-3 days, it passes.

You are wise to note the dangers of long-term inflammation. It does damage. But long-term drug use also does very serious damage.

My preference is always to go the natural route, but if lupus is severe enough (attacking your organs), and your life is in danger, then drugs are a great way to stop the attack. Drugs have saved my life 3 times. I always then wean off them as I do the healing work such as you are doing.

Keep in mind: immune suppressants (typically what is used for lupus) are going to make candida worse.

If I would have stayed with my strict diet all along, I don't believe I would have needed the immune suppressants a 2nd and 3rd time. I have a lot of food allergies, and if I eat one of those foods by accident, I get joint pain, tendon pain, headaches, etc. for the next few days. Now that I realize that for certain, I stick with the diet.

In your case, you do not have major organs involved yet, so it sounds like you are not at the point of it being life-threatening. For me, I will not go on immune suppressants unless my life is in danger. That's me. Everyone has to decide for themselves what to do.

Ultimately, the decision is entirely up to you. No one can decide for you. Not me, not your doctor, not your family. It is your body,and you are the one who lives with the results of your decisions.

I hope this is of some help!
My best wishes-

Carla Ulbrich

The Singing Patient: Author, Health Speaker, Humorous Songwriter and Entertainer - Carla's book "How Can You NOT Laugh at a Time Like This?"  


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