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Dear Carla,

I was wondering what the alternative treatments for Lupus are and do they have less side effects then traditional treatments?


Hello Sharon!

Thanks for writing. I have tried a great many alternative healing methods for lupus myself.
Here are the ones I found most effective:

- acupuncture

- chi gung (make sure you learn healing chi gung, not warrior chi gung. Also spelled Qi Gong). Once you learn it, like Tai chi, you can practice it at home for no cost, for a lifetime. It builds up your energy.

- diet modification. Finding out food allergies and eliminating those foods (for me, it was gluten, dairy, shellfish, nutrasweet, eggs, MSG, pineapple- it's different for everyone but the foods that are most common are: gluten, dairy, soy, nuts, eggs, peanuts, seafood). 100% of lupus patients have food allergies. If I have dairy now, it screws up my tendons the next day. If I have gluten (by accident- I never intentionally eat it but sometimes it's in the restaurant sauces), then I get joint pain the next day. Check out this article on stopping the autoimmune process in your body by Dr. Mark Hyman

- chelation therapy. I had loads of heavy metals in my system (arsenic, nickel), and this treatment removes them, as well as arterial plaque.

- Juicing. Making your own juice at home gets loads of easily digested nutrition into your body.

- take probiotics to heal your gut.

The only real side effects of any of these are possible detox symptoms when you eliminate the foods you are allergic to. This usually passes after 2-3 days of eliminating the offending food(s).

I also find it important to have pleasure in your life- something you enjoy doing. For me that's songwriting. For others, it's painting/ drawing, or light gardening, crafts- anything creative is great.

And to have fun and spend time with people who are true friends (they don't imply that you're not really that sick, or try to blame you in any way for getting sick).

Keep a daily journal as you try these things so you can track your progress and see what's really working for you.

I hope this is helpful and that you find exactly what works for you!

Carla Ulbrich

The Singing Patient: Author, Health Speaker, Humorous Songwriter and Entertainer - Carla's book "How Can You NOT Laugh at a Time Like This?"  


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I can answer questions such as "what is lupus?" (How common is it? Is it contagious? What are the symptoms? etc.). Also, I can answer questions such as "what are the available treatments for lupus?" (both standard and alternative). Really, I'll take almost any question on lupus, though. If I can't answer it, I'll be very surprised, but I'll also go find someone who can.


I've been living with lupus (SLE) since 1992. I've had three severe bouts with it, including symptoms such as kidney failure and stroke (if you can call having a stroke a "symptom"). I have completely regained my health, though I have to be mindful to take care of myself, lest I get sick again. I use both mainstream and alternative medicine, and have tried just about everything under the sun to alleviate symptoms. A lot of it worked.

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