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Lupus/Candida or Sjogrens


Hope you can answer this question. I am a male, 60,good health until now.  First have to give some background I feel will help you respond.  I have a cyst (pilondial) since I was 19, never had it operated so through the years the doctors would give me antibiotics until it was ready to be lanced, lot of antibiotics.  In my time probiotics were unknown,so never took them.   Also, I an a chocolate junkie, love the stuff, could make a meal our of snickers and reeses.  

Anyway, in 2007 after being on high dose augmentin for the cyst, I had sudden stomache pains since I think the dose was too high, so had to stop it for lower dose until the cyst went down.  
About 3-4 weeks later got sudden bloating one night after eating a pizza, painful gas and bloating.  Took some antigas stuff and was OK, in a few days it came back. I went to my doctor and sent me to a GI doc at a big hospital, by this time bloating and gas every day and also constipation.  They ran all their test, endo, colonoscopy, ultrasound and blood work.  Found nothing, told be to take fiber and that was it.  This kept on for a while, at least a year, then one day it was gone.  Stayed away for a few years until last year.  My cyst came back, was on Dicloxicillan for a month, also ate lots of chocolate as usual, bloating is back,but after a few weeks other symptoms come, dry mouth, slightly dry eyes ( but didn't need drops) and some inflammation in my hands.   Thought this was RA so went to a rheumy, ran some tests and only barely out of range sjogrens ss-b antibody,so she called it Sjogrens, said I had a lot of gut inflammation High IGA, said I had Celiac also ( had it check by top Celiac doc in NYC, I do NOT have that).   Anyway, she gives me minocycline,said some autoimmune can be cause by bacteria, as soon as I take the full dose things get worse ,so had to half the dose and things normalized. Was on this for over one year, for some reason read something about candida,dropped the antibiotic and bought some diflucan on the internet, 100mg daily, in about a week was starting to improve.  Has another blood work and all negative, so I went to a GI doc,told him this and he said ridiculous, you do not have candida, no reason to take any of those meds.  I think he is a close minded jerk!   Do you think I am on to something?  Can intestinal candida bring about sjogren like symptoms?  I read somewhere the candida can mimic it, is it true?   I asked him to run tests, but he said there were none, candida is normally in the body and the test would only show positive, not the level.  
I am a male and they are least likely to get Sjogrens, 9 to 1 it is women.   Should I purse this and how?

Thank you.

Hi Mike!

I love how proactive and involved you are in your own health.
Unfortunately, when it comes to mainstream doctors, they are generally trained to control symptoms, and not so much to address underlying causes.

Yes candida naturally occurs in the body, but it can get completely out of balance, especially when you throw loads of antibiotics and sugar into the mix. And then it becomes a vicious cycle- the candida makes you crave sweets and the sweets feed the candida.

So, short answer: yes, you are onto something.
I have been overrun with candida myself, while on steroids and chemo (immune suppressants, being treated for lupus and kidney failure caused by the lupus). Getting that candida under control was a huge part of turning things around for me.

I suggest you consider barking up a different tree.
Try looking for a functional medicine doctor in your area.
Functional Medicine doctors look for root causes or illness and seek to bring your full health back, as opposed to labeling you with a disease and spending the rest of your life managing symptoms with toxic drugs, esp. immune suppressants.

Try this link:

Also, there are tests that can tell you how overgrown your candida is. So, I believe the doctor who thinks a test will only tell you "positive" and give you no other information is misinformed.
I have done stool tests that tell you not only how overgrown the candida is, but also what substances would work in reducing your particular strain of candida (herbs, supplements), AND this test also revealed to me that i had previously undetected strep and staph in my system.

So.. if you can deal with pooping in a cup and digging in it with a plastic spoon to send in samples (fortunately, this is a one-time thing!), you will get a wealth of information that can be extremely helpful.

Finally, I encourage you to trust your "gut" (haha) and your good instincts, as you have been. You know when an answer is not satisfactory. It's OK to get 2nd and 3rd opinions, and to go to a more progressive doctor. Ultimately, you are the one who lives with the decisions made about your health!

All the best-
Carla Ulbrich
The Singing Patient


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