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Lupus/Lupus a possibility for me?


Hi Carla,

Just recently just this week I have been struggling to go to work. I feel very physically tired and my legs especially. I don't even want to go out of bed lately. My legs feel very stiff and hurts to be on them, and I also have some back pain. Ever since February I had this retail job, and I always work 40 hours a week (Thurs-Mon 8hrs per day). I stand on my feet for all those hours (7 1/2hrs) just about. Maybe around 20min break sitting on a chair. On my days off (tues - wed) I have to do things (cleaning, shopping, etc.). That could be also the cause of all the pain (not having a break). At work I only sit down on my break, and stand all throughout the day. Since there's no way I could sit on a stool at work.

When I get home I barely have any energy to do the things I enjoy doing. And my body just wants me to lay down in bed it seems. My legs feel like they are Pulsing as I sit or lay down. I don't remember any of my previous jobs which made me feel like this. I know I didn't work as much as this one.

My husband sometimes says I might have Lupus, but I am not sure if I do. Maybe it is just from me standing all day how I feel. I am very unfamiliar with Lupus. Not sure you can identify what's wrong with me.

Thanks for your time,


Hi Lisa!

What a strange coincidence that I should be the one to receive your question. I was working retail 5 days a week (I think my days off were sunday and tuesday or something odd like that- we were closed on sundays). Also standing up a lot, in dress shoes. It's not healthy!

I was fired from my retail job when I developed lupus and was diagnosed in 1993 (probably not legal to do that now). Some of my symptoms were the same as yours- the exhaustion, unexplained pain, everything being a struggle. However, those symptoms could also be attributed to a bunch of other things. Flu, chronic fatigue symdrome, lupus perhaps, yes- without some blood tests it's hard to tell.

Lupus, like most autoimmune diseases, is diagnosed using a combination of blood tests and symptoms. Back in my day (ha! meaning 1993), if you had 4 of the classic 11 lupus symptoms, they would diagnose you with lupus. These days, they seem to be more hesistant to give a lupus diagnosis, so they want you to have a positive "lupus blood test" even though there is no such thing as a specific test just for lupus. MS, yes. Lupus, no.

So, I would go get some bloodwork drawn. Your GP can do it. If you don't have a GP, go to a walk-in clinic, like I did, and tell them your symptoms, your concerns, and could you please be tested for lupus or any other autoimmune disease?

("lupus" tests are C4 reaction protein *or* ESR sed rate (both are measures of inflammation), creatinine, double-stranded DNA, and antibodies).

You may want to bring someone with you to your appointment. In my experience, when i'm not feeling well, I don't remember to mention some important things, and I don't always hear everything that's being said to me.

Best wishes-
Carla Ulbrich
The Singing Patient  


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