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Lupus/Scleroderma Digestive Issiues


Ive got scarred intestines and it makes it hard to digest food. Can I have a list of foods that I should avoid? I tested positive for systematic scleroderma but now I don't. I guess Ive platued? I also have traveling muscle/joint pain. And occasional electric pain in the bottom of foot daily. Ive got medicare/medi-cal for Ins. I think Ive alienated my Docs. Any advice?  Jesse


With scleroderma or any other inflammatory disorder, I recommend people eliminate the following pro-inflammatory foods from their diet:

1- Gluten containing grains
2- Diary (milk, cheese, yogurt)
3- Sugar

The above foods are not only inflammatory, but are inflammatory on the cellular level of your digestive tract which can further your symptoms/digestive issues.

Things to DO:

1- Half your body weight in water daily
2- Eat LOTS of veggies, I encourage patient's to make 75% of all meals vegetables because that's where all the vitamins, minerals and healing plant nutrients are found (this is life changing if you can do it)
3-Eat good amounts of protein- needed for repair, rebuilding damaged tissue as well as maintaining optimum body functions
4- If your meals are still hard to digest- look into healing supplements such as Digestive enzymes and probiotics. Both can speed up the healing process in the digestive tract and everywhere else for that matter.

I have a friend/patient who has lupus, changing her diet gave her back her life. It is a struggle at first but with diligence you can see results turn around faster than you'd think. Everyone also unique, so what works for YOU might not be what works for others with the same condition. You may have specific food allergies that will contribute to your personal experience but the above general recommendations should provide some sort of change in symptoms.

I hope this was helpful, and I always encourage those who ask questions to not be limited by their insurance. Health insurance is like car insurance- it's there for the big things, but doesn't pay for any of the good stuff that will keep you healthy like your foods, or altnerative therapies which aim to find and treat the cause of your disease.

Wishing you the best,

Dr. Kalli Prater
Tranquility Spa and Wellness Center
113 N. Second Ave.
St. Charles, IL 60174  


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Currently treat many autoimmune patients with my biggest success in Lupus through dietary modification. With a reversal of lab work and off all medication in less than 1 years time, my interest is in giving back the quality of life to people with Lupus and autoimmune disease.

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