My daughter has Lupus and for the past 6 months up to date is coughing chronically.She is and out of hospitals and there is no help.We are very desparate.She is 22

I'm very sorry they have not found out what's causing the cough, and not knowing if she's got chest congestion it makes it difficult to fully answer your question. I can say this- if you're not already doing an Anti-inflammatory diet with her I would start asap. Lupus responds fairly well to cutting out inflammatory foods such as gluten/grains, dairy and sugar. In fact, one of my patient's has totally turned her life around by adopting a Paleo style diet. If you cut out the inflammation you put into your body, your body can't kick out as much inflammation. Making dietary changes can be a big change, but it is the most rewarding as the food we eat every day either feeds our disease or feeds our healing.  In terms of immune system balance and support I would look into getting her Vitamin D3 tested, she should be around 60-80 but regular doc's will tell you 30 is normal. In terms of balancing her immune response- I love Host Defense mushroom extracts, they are the immune system of the mushroom and balance the immune response without stimulating it which is important in lupus.

Hope she feels better soon.

Dr. Kalli Prater  


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I can answer questions about nutrition for autoimmune diseases, especially those with Lupus. Questions about when to seek medical help, when and what alternative therapies are recommended. Alternative therapy effectiveness compared to traditional medical treatment. Also answering questions about lab testing for Lupus, functional lab interpretations and how to turn around your blood work.


Currently treat many autoimmune patients with my biggest success in Lupus through dietary modification. With a reversal of lab work and off all medication in less than 1 years time, my interest is in giving back the quality of life to people with Lupus and autoimmune disease.

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