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My husband is 57 years old, sent him to my Neurologist when I realized something was wrong with his memory. Basic argument over he had never eaten a food before - we eat at least 2x month.
When I thought about it the following were signs for approximately 2yrs. He always justified things.
1. Slurred speech (random) would say partial was loose
2. Abnormal walking dragging leg (pulled muscle)
3. Forget things (didn't have time to do)
4. Irrational behavior, mood, personality changes
5. Fruit alcohol odor on breathe normally late evening

MRI showed white matter frontal lobe
ANA test 2,850 (yes that's the number)
Connective tissue disease diagnosed
Bone marrow lesion hip- no change in 3months
Borderline Diabetes
Ammonia /liver test normal
Cognitive test- ADD

I am unable to get or have an understanding of what is going on-
1. What / why white matter - is this affecting personality (random SOB Husband appears)
Abusive, degrading, everything my 20+ Year person I've known is not there.
2. Won't give steroid treatment - No Inflammation in blood work ?
3. Going to give ADD meds for focus
4. Random odor - how can I figure out the cause? Happens late normally end of busy week.
Any ideas of what all of this means and what I should be asking the Drs would be great. I am at my whits end..

Hi there!

I'm so sorry you and your husband are dealing with such a complex health problem.
It definitely sounds like more than one thing is going on, but it also sounds like he still hasn't been completely diagnosed. Some of those symptoms sound like either stroke symptoms or Parkinson's or MS. It really doesn't sound like lupus, but the ANA certainly suggests autoimmune.
ANA does not measure inflammation. That would be a C4 or sed rate test. Have you had those done?

I would suggest getting more opinions from health professionals.
Perhaps another neurologist. You really need an accurate diagnosis before you can make a plan of action, and it doesn't sound like you have that yet. No explanation for the odor, or the personality changes, or the leg-dragging, although they sound like they are connected.

A functional medicine doctor would be ideal, if you can find one.
Here is a place to find info on that:

You might also consider an acupuncturist, an osteopath, and/ or or a naturopath. They tend to take a more big picture view, and look for root causes of illness, not just managing symptoms.

My best wishes are with you for a swift and accurate diagnosis, followed by a treatment plan that goes beyond just medicating, and addresses the root of the problem-

Carla Ulbrich  


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